Thursday, February 25, 2010

Worker's Comp...

For the bride going for the vintage feel...

Love the nude trim of the headband...

I used some scraps from the rings I made for my friend, Camille...

My attempt at the aerial view :-)

I took Dylan to the airport this morning - off to warm, sunny Hawaii for the next few days... leaving me here in the rain clouds! They haven't arrived yet - today was actually beautiful but I can see them in the distance. Anyways... tonight I am going over to my friend Annie's house for some dinner and vino... I figure it is the best way to spend my lonely night - vino and a best friend! It actually worked out perfectly because her husband is a coach at the local high school and during the season he has late practices so she was going to be all alone too!

I worked on some new product today. In the midst of my productivity I managed to cut my finger pretty good with the scissors and burn the finger next to it with the hot glue gun - after the second injury I figured it was time to call it a day! I made my first bridal accessory... and a couple other fun headbands for spring :-) I used feathers for the bridal clip - which I usually feel like feathers are such a fall/winter accessory... but I think they look absolutely fabulous as a 'cherry' for the bride... the white or ivory flowers always look so whimsical in the brides hair.

One more day and it is the weekend!


  1. The feather hairpiece is beautiful!

  2. Tanya, I love your stuff! It's gorgeous!!! Good for you! HOpe all is well
    -Grace (Nic's friend)