Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Dylan and I
My family

So I figured since I am still new to the blogging world it would be the perfect opportunity to help yall get to know me better... the face behind Moosette! So prepare to learn more about me than you probably wanted or cared to know... in no particular order...

Top 50 Randomness...

50. My new addiction is Karaoke for Wii
49. I sleep with my childhood blanket
48. All four of my grandparents are still alive and kicking
47. Laundry is my least favorite chore
46. In college while driving my car I hit a grad student riding her bike to study - real embarrassing (it was right in front of a crowded bus stop)! She was fine but her bike didn't make it
45. Green is my all-time favorite color
44. Love finding a way to make anything and everything handmade... or at least adding a personal touch
43. Deathly afraid of rattlesnakes - my Dad has been bit twice within a year in Cardiff - fortunately he has lived to tell about it!
42. Obsessed with the revaluation of self serve frozen yogurt places
41. Still don't chance stepping on a crack... concerned I may break my Momma's back... or get plain old bad luck
40. Incredibly superstitious... or maybe more OCD??
39. I am always late
38. Look forward to every Friday when I receive my Us Weekly
37. Relates most of life's experiences to a Friends or Sex and the City episode
36. Definitely Team Diet Coke... except when it comes to Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi
35. Complete idiot when it comes to blow drying my hair or styling it... definitely feel like I need more arms
34. Captain and Diet has been my cocktail of choice since high school - why fix what ain't broken??
33. Obsessed with Brigantine tacos - Dylan and I go multiple times in some weeks
32. Was in speech therapy when I was younger because I had a problem pronouncing my R's
31. Love being tan - but get extremely bored while laying out
30. Loves finding unique treasures at vintage shops in NYC... specifically in the East Village
29. Scared of the dark
28. Can justify dipping pretty much anything into ranch dressing
27. Loves the beach but hates the sand
26. Feels much more comfortable in a dress or skirt than jeans
25. Favorite meal - my Dad's BBQ ribs!
24. Hates to wear make-up... but looks much more like a 'grown-up' when I do
23. Is almost 28; however, still gets carded without question every time I order a cocktail - there have been times recently when I have almost not been let into a bar because the bouncer thinks I am underage with a fake ID - guess it is time to update the 16 year old picture!
22. Loves, loves, loves Country music - especially Kenny!
21. Loves thunderstorms
20. Was born in Florida
19. Would rather have a plate of french fries then a piece of cake
18. Still obsessed with jersey sheets
17. Can not leave my house without my bed being made
16. Wishes San Diego had better public transportation
15. Favorite number is 15
14. Babysat one time growing up - and hated it - never attempted again
13. Does not like coffee, tea or hot chocolate... overall does not believe in hot beverages
12. Come from a very proud Italian family
11. Was one of the captains of my intramural kickball team (The Bullets) in college - and we won the whole shebang!
10. Looks horrible in pink
9. Has hand fed a rhino
8. Has a really good memory... I remember minor details from years ago - which I think creeps some people out
7. Loves and wears ghetto gold jewelry daily; however, prefers platinum for my nicer pieces
6. Loves football season... especially college
5. Doesn't own an iron - and likes it that way!
4. Feels bad when I kill a spider
3. Thinks life is better in high heels
2. Doesn't leave the house without my Natural Ice chap stick and Chanel lip gloss

and finally...

1. Love to accessorize any outfit... even just a t-shirt and jeans - hence my passion to create 'cherries' for other people's outfits :-)

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