Friday, February 19, 2010

Ready to Set Sail!

LOVE this one - the blue, silk flower is so vibrant in person!
Obsessed with the combination of metallics...
Flattering on every hair color...
Wet hair not very cute in pictures :-)

I finished up a few of the headbands that I started a couple of days ago with the new materials I collected from L.A's garment district. I attached a couple of them that went with the Nautical theme from a couple of posts back. I will get them up on my Etsy store next week.

I plan to produce more spring items by early next week and then hope to contact a few boutiques by early next week. I also went to Staples and purchased business cards which I will print next week. I figured that would make the most sense... since I don't have my personal website up I didn't want to order a bunch of business cards and then have to toss them and order more when I have everything up and running :-) So I figured that homemade business cards will suffice until I have everything set in stone... and I think it sort of adds a personal touch - I will take a picture next week!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend - mine sounds like another busy one... but again a fun one! We are going to my friend's parent's house tonight to meet the new little addition... SO excited! Tomorrow night we have a birthday party downtown.


  1. WHOA!!!!! Love what you did with the new goodies you bought in LA! One-of-a-kind! Happy Saturday night! Love you!