Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cyber Wednesday!

Today was consumed with running errands around town. You know the typical - grocery store... Target (my absolute favorite - don't really consider a chore)... etc. When I got home my Mom came by and checked out my newest designs and took a couple headbands to sport the next couple of days. She has said in the past that she cant wear any of my stuff because she will look like 'that' Mom trying to look like she is younger than she is... but we picked her out a couple very understated pieces so she wont feel too out of place :-) Also I am going to Michael's to pick up some pins to attach to the back of the clips so she can pin them as brooches on her cardigans.

I have spent the rest of the afternoon on the computer - researching marketing tools for small businesses on Etsy. I found a lot of useful information that I cant wait to try out. Etsy offers so much help to it's sellers. There is a whole portion of the site that is dedicated to forums, chat rooms, a blog, and many other resources to ensure you have a successful site. I learned a lot of valuable tips that I wasn't aware of. I have had multiple views on each item and even a few 'hearts' but no sales... and now I know why :-) Hopefully we will be changing that soon! I was also very impressed at how helpful other sellers are in the forums... no competitiveness at all... I guess because each seller has a unique thing to offer since everything is either vintage or handmade.

Two days left until the weekend! Just got a call from Dylan and he has to fly out to Hawaii tomorrow just until Saturday so it looks like I am on my own for the next couple of days. His company, Rip Curl, is involved in the new movie that is being filmed - Soul Surfer - so he has to go out and meet some of the producers, etc... so I guess I am not too jealous... well unless he meets Carrie Underwood that is :-) One of their team riders, Bethany Hamilton, is the young surfer that had her arm ripped off by a tiger shark but has continued to defeat all odds and has become a nationally ranked surfer - well Hollywood is doing a biopic of her life. I think Carrie should be sporting some Moosette don't you??

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