Thursday, February 4, 2010


Again... my blackberry is failing to display the brightness of the colors!
I LOVE this... am I allowed to say that about something I made??
I love the contrast of the silver applique and gold threading... obviously cant see the detail in the pic :-)

Well... today did not go as planned - unfortunately my friend and my friend's daughter had to cancel our photo shoot. My child model came down with a bug and instead of making her debut in front of the camera she was in bed... child stars - always on their own time ;-) All kidding aside - I hope that she gets better soon and we have rescheduled for next week!

I then called a couple of my other friends; however, it was too late of notice but I will have some help tomorrow morning - Yay - so I will post the pics on my etsy site tomorrow afternoon! Today gave me a chance to get the final details worked out with my etsy site - like my Pay Pal account and some of the verbiage that will be included... so even though it wasn't very exciting it was a bit productive.

I also had a chance to work on a few more things which is a good thing since I am planning on photographing and posting them tomorrow. I included a couple above for a little teaser :-) I LOVED that sequins made a come back this past winter - so I figured to keep it going with some brighter colors... who says the holiday season can't last all year long!

We made it to the end of the week... just have to make it through Friday and we are home free - Super Bowl Sunday - Yay!

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