Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Spring Fling... A Little Early...

So... it isn't exactly Spring time yet... but the sun was shining with no clouds in the sky today so it got me in the mood for Spring colors... even though it was still pretty chilly outside - well at least for San Diego standards :-)

I spent the afternoon up in my office creating new clips and headbands - and you guessed it in some fun 'springy' colors - the pictures I attached don't do the beautiful jewel tones justice, especially the blue... it is actually a really vibrant turquoise; however, the camera on my blackberry wasn't able to pick it up properly :-)

Dylan brought home the camera from work for me to use - so I talked one of my friends into being my 'hair model' tomorrow as well as her freaking adorable daughter for my children's accessories. I am excited for our mock photo shoot tomorrow and even more excited to get my Etsy site up and running!

I LOVE these! So simple but add the 'oomph' to a simple outfit - I also imagine these as the perfect accessory for bridesmaids!
A fun 'cherry' for the simple t-shirt and jeans
Love these colors!
Attempted to take a pic of one in my hair... not sure how my arm bent that way :-)


  1. Shhhh, me taking home the work camera was supposed to be a secret! Blabber mouth...

  2. the pink flower is so, so pretty! lovely pieces:)

  3. Thanks! The pink is even more vibrant in person... perfect 'cherry' to any outfit in Spring!