Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Half Way Through!

Me and my cousin Madison - who the headbands below are named after :-)

Posted this on Etsy today...

This one too! Check them out!

Half way through the week! Only two more days to go until the weekend... Yay! I have a fun weekend coming up. Saturday is my Dad's birthday so the whole fam is going to dinner at The Brigantine which is always a treat :-) And then on Sunday Dylan made reservations at Jake's for Valentine's Day - two delicious meals and good company all in one weekend!

I posted two more headbands on my Etsy shop today. I decided to name this item after my adorable cousin Madison. She is in ninth grade and I totally picture her sporting this particular style with the sequin applique... it is actually one of my personal favorites. Visit my Etsy site to check them out!

Also, one of my friends, Elizabeth, came over today with her son Gavin. He is almost one year old! We contemplated Gavin being the new face of Moosette ;-) but figured that may be a little too cruel to do to someone that can even speak yet... but he is walking like a wild man! Elizabeth also supported the Moosette brand and bought a couple of headbands :-)

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