Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nautical Inspiration...

Obsessed with the lace detail to give this cardigan a romantic feel...
LOVE this necklace! So original!

One of my favorite trends every spring is the Nautical theme. I don't know what it is - if it makes me imagine sand between my toes or if it creates the illusion that the sea air is blowing against my face... or maybe it is just the fact that summer is around the corner?? Not sure, but I do know that I LOVE Nautical inspired outfits! This look never goes out of style - year after year it comes back... just a very classic, simple look. I attached a couple of new items at Anthropologie that helped inspire a couple of my new headbands I have been working on today. I will post the finished products tomorrow :-)

Half way through the week!


  1. Dang you Anthropologie and your perfect attire that is not in my price range.

  2. I've been loving that last piece. If only I had more $$!

  3. Hey lady! I am going to try to make that rope necklace next week... it looks pretty easy! You should too!