Friday, February 26, 2010

Blame it on the Rain...

The rain clouds officially rolled in this afternoon and the sky is getting darker... I think the rain is near... Boo! Don't get me wrong I LOVE the rain especially if it is accompanied by thunderstorms... but not on a Friday night when I am supposed to head downtown. I much prefer the raindrops while I am cozied up inside on the couch. I made plans to go out to dinner and cocktails with a couple of girlfriends downtown tonight but I just don't know how I am going to muster up the motivation... I blame it on the rain :-)

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend - and for those of you on the east coast enjoy the free snow cones - and those of us on the west coast... really more rain?? (please note I am completely aware of the fact that we are in desperate need of more rain here in southern California... but really on the weekend??) I have been a southern Californian for a majority of my life and I expect 70 degree weather at all times ;-)

Am I the only one who lacks motivation on rainy days??


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Worker's Comp...

For the bride going for the vintage feel...

Love the nude trim of the headband...

I used some scraps from the rings I made for my friend, Camille...

My attempt at the aerial view :-)

I took Dylan to the airport this morning - off to warm, sunny Hawaii for the next few days... leaving me here in the rain clouds! They haven't arrived yet - today was actually beautiful but I can see them in the distance. Anyways... tonight I am going over to my friend Annie's house for some dinner and vino... I figure it is the best way to spend my lonely night - vino and a best friend! It actually worked out perfectly because her husband is a coach at the local high school and during the season he has late practices so she was going to be all alone too!

I worked on some new product today. In the midst of my productivity I managed to cut my finger pretty good with the scissors and burn the finger next to it with the hot glue gun - after the second injury I figured it was time to call it a day! I made my first bridal accessory... and a couple other fun headbands for spring :-) I used feathers for the bridal clip - which I usually feel like feathers are such a fall/winter accessory... but I think they look absolutely fabulous as a 'cherry' for the bride... the white or ivory flowers always look so whimsical in the brides hair.

One more day and it is the weekend!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cyber Wednesday!

Today was consumed with running errands around town. You know the typical - grocery store... Target (my absolute favorite - don't really consider a chore)... etc. When I got home my Mom came by and checked out my newest designs and took a couple headbands to sport the next couple of days. She has said in the past that she cant wear any of my stuff because she will look like 'that' Mom trying to look like she is younger than she is... but we picked her out a couple very understated pieces so she wont feel too out of place :-) Also I am going to Michael's to pick up some pins to attach to the back of the clips so she can pin them as brooches on her cardigans.

I have spent the rest of the afternoon on the computer - researching marketing tools for small businesses on Etsy. I found a lot of useful information that I cant wait to try out. Etsy offers so much help to it's sellers. There is a whole portion of the site that is dedicated to forums, chat rooms, a blog, and many other resources to ensure you have a successful site. I learned a lot of valuable tips that I wasn't aware of. I have had multiple views on each item and even a few 'hearts' but no sales... and now I know why :-) Hopefully we will be changing that soon! I was also very impressed at how helpful other sellers are in the forums... no competitiveness at all... I guess because each seller has a unique thing to offer since everything is either vintage or handmade.

Two days left until the weekend! Just got a call from Dylan and he has to fly out to Hawaii tomorrow just until Saturday so it looks like I am on my own for the next couple of days. His company, Rip Curl, is involved in the new movie that is being filmed - Soul Surfer - so he has to go out and meet some of the producers, etc... so I guess I am not too jealous... well unless he meets Carrie Underwood that is :-) One of their team riders, Bethany Hamilton, is the young surfer that had her arm ripped off by a tiger shark but has continued to defeat all odds and has become a nationally ranked surfer - well Hollywood is doing a biopic of her life. I think Carrie should be sporting some Moosette don't you??

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Finished Product...

Flower with no golf ball - clearly a little more attractive - but we figured to go all out :-) Flower with small golf ball...
Flower with large golf ball...
All four rings...

So... like I said yesterday one of my friends is going out to the Phoenix Open this weekend and wanted to sport some Moosette product and have a golf theme going on with it. We figured that a fun cocktail ring may be more practical considering girls don't appreciate a curve ball in their outfit if it doesn't match :-) I think they turned out pretty cute... I mean as cute as a ring could be with a cheesy golf ball in the middle! So when they are sipping their cocktails in the warm sun on the links a piece of Moosette will be blinging :-)

Almost half way through the week!

Monday, February 22, 2010


Green and White - Definitely a golf staple
This hat would provide the perfect shade out on the green
Multi-striped belt a must with Bermuda shorts
Nothing screams a day on the links more than bright plaid - this top adds a modern touch
Thought these shorts would be so cute with the top above and maybe some wedge sandals

I hope that everyone had a great weekend - I sure did. On Friday night we got to catch up with some of my best friends from high school! One of my friends, Kristin, was in town with her new baby boy - Baby Will was born Jan. 2nd and he has already been on an airplane! He is adorable and the perfect baby... never cried once!

On Saturday I went to a bridal bazaar in support of my friend, Annie. She was asked to be in the 'fashion show' portion modeling a bridal gown. I was so proud of her. She was so nervous before and it was so out of her character to get up in front of a small crowd but she did it and looked fabulous doing so :-) Spending the day around all of the brides to be and event planners reminded me I need to start my bridal collection! Saturday night Dylan and I ventured downtown for a couple friend's birthdays. Good times spent with good peeps!

So... one of my friends is going to the Phoenix Open this upcoming weekend and has asked me to make her and a few of her girlfriends matching 'golf' inspired accessories. Originally we thought a clip or a headband but then thought that may be tough since we don't know what each girl plans to wear... so we thought maybe a fun, flashy ring would be the perfect option!

When I think of golf - I think of green and white... argyle print... multi-color plaid. I attached a few pictures above that I found on Anthropologie that reminded me of spending the day out on the links. Do you have any ideas for me? I didn't get a chance to go to the fabric store today but I am going first thing in the morning to see if I can find green and white stripes or some sort of bright plaid fabric for a flower to attach to the ring.

If you have any ideas please feel free to pass them along :-)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Ready to Set Sail!

LOVE this one - the blue, silk flower is so vibrant in person!
Obsessed with the combination of metallics...
Flattering on every hair color...
Wet hair not very cute in pictures :-)

I finished up a few of the headbands that I started a couple of days ago with the new materials I collected from L.A's garment district. I attached a couple of them that went with the Nautical theme from a couple of posts back. I will get them up on my Etsy store next week.

I plan to produce more spring items by early next week and then hope to contact a few boutiques by early next week. I also went to Staples and purchased business cards which I will print next week. I figured that would make the most sense... since I don't have my personal website up I didn't want to order a bunch of business cards and then have to toss them and order more when I have everything up and running :-) So I figured that homemade business cards will suffice until I have everything set in stone... and I think it sort of adds a personal touch - I will take a picture next week!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend - mine sounds like another busy one... but again a fun one! We are going to my friend's parent's house tonight to meet the new little addition... SO excited! Tomorrow night we have a birthday party downtown.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Finally Gave in!

Breaking News- There were pigs flying, fat ladies singing and me joining FACEBOOK! Yep... you heard it right, but don't get too excited...strictly business! After my friends nagging me for months I decided that the benefits for the free marketing was too good to resist. So... I ventured out to Poway today to my friend Michelle's house to create my much anticipated page. It isn't complete as I didn't have access to all my pics... so I will post the address as soon as I get those up.

Friday Eve... another fun weekend ahead! So excited one of my good friends is in town with her new little one... Baby Will! Cant wait to meet the little dude tomorrow :-)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nautical Inspiration...

Obsessed with the lace detail to give this cardigan a romantic feel...
LOVE this necklace! So original!

One of my favorite trends every spring is the Nautical theme. I don't know what it is - if it makes me imagine sand between my toes or if it creates the illusion that the sea air is blowing against my face... or maybe it is just the fact that summer is around the corner?? Not sure, but I do know that I LOVE Nautical inspired outfits! This look never goes out of style - year after year it comes back... just a very classic, simple look. I attached a couple of new items at Anthropologie that helped inspire a couple of my new headbands I have been working on today. I will post the finished products tomorrow :-)

Half way through the week!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fat Tuesday!

Soooo much to choose from!
All the trims and ribbon my little heart desires!
My Friend and I were in shock of the DMV line that didn't move all day! Wrapped around the building... so we of course took a pic :-)

Sorry I didn't write yesterday... I had such a lovely weekend - I decided to keep it going with a relaxing day by my friend's pool. A few of my friends were lucky enough to observe Presidents Day... so I took it upon myself to join in the fun! We have been enjoying 80 degree weather here in San Diego for the past few days and loving it - sorry to those of you that have been snowed in for weeks!

Today was a productive but fun day. My friend Michelle was nice enough to join me in a Downtown Los Angeles adventure... specifically in the Garment District. We left Encinitas in the morning hoping to make it a quick trip; however, we met a friend in Huntington which turned into a long but fun lunch detour. We ended up making it to L.A. around 2pm and scoured the streets for materials. I love making trips up to L.A. every once in a while... I am like a kid in a candy shop! There are so many beautiful fabrics, ribbons overall pretty much anything you can think of. We found a ton of fun new materials... so stay tuned for new product in the next couple of days. The amount of stuff these shops have jammed into such small quarters is incredible... doesn't compare to any places down here...

So... I think tomorrow will be a productive day of creating new items... I am excited - I sort of want to start tonight but am drained from the past few days in the sun... sorry to rub it in again for you East coasters :-)

Hope everyone is enjoying Fat Tuesday... Bourbon St. has a lot to celebrate this year!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hopefully everyone has exciting plans for this weekend... like I said in a few posts back - my weekend is full of fun things! Tomorrow is my Dad's birthday and Sunday is Valentine's Day! Hope everyone is spending it with someone they love whether it be a significant other, good friend or maybe even your family - doesn't matter who it is since the whole idea about the holiday is 'love' - well that and maybe over priced flowers, yummy sweets and sappy cards - but it only comes once a year so stop being a hater and enjoy ;-)

I have attached some pics above to get yall in the spirit!

Have a great weekend...


Photo: weheartit

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fun Day!!!

Me and my Grandma... excuse the giant glass of vino in front of us ;-)

Dylan will not be happy that I am promoting Quicksilver - but how could I not - Gavin looks so CUTE!!!

Please note Gavin's skinny jeans - freaking fabulous!

So... today wasn't very productive for Moosette :-) but it was a fabulous day!

My grandma and I went shopping and to lunch today. I am so fortunate to have one of my grandmas live close by... not only close but in the same neighborhood as my parents. That's right my grandma has been there for every birthday... graduation... you name it! I am so lucky. She is one of the most beautiful and smartest women that I know... It isn't every day that a 27 year old has all four grandparents alive and well :-)

After dropping off my grandma I spent the remainder of the afternoon and evening with the opposite side of the age scale... a bunch of rowdy rug rats! I went and met my friends Elizabeth who is visiting from Orange County and her son Gavin, Annie and her daughter Tatum and the rest of Elizabeth's family which consists of four nieces! It was a wild and crazy time! I don't know how they do it... I am exhausted! It is only 7:45pm and I could easily slip my jammies on and call it a night! I had a lot of fun with them all... kids really do say the darnedest things... I could sit and laugh at them all day! One of Elizabeth's nieces, Abby, dubbed me as 'T' and was constantly yelling 'T here' - which meant Tanya hurry up and get over here! Ha! It was hysterical!

So... overall it was a fantastic day... just not very productive on the business end... oh well there is always tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Half Way Through!

Me and my cousin Madison - who the headbands below are named after :-)

Posted this on Etsy today...

This one too! Check them out!

Half way through the week! Only two more days to go until the weekend... Yay! I have a fun weekend coming up. Saturday is my Dad's birthday so the whole fam is going to dinner at The Brigantine which is always a treat :-) And then on Sunday Dylan made reservations at Jake's for Valentine's Day - two delicious meals and good company all in one weekend!

I posted two more headbands on my Etsy shop today. I decided to name this item after my adorable cousin Madison. She is in ninth grade and I totally picture her sporting this particular style with the sequin applique... it is actually one of my personal favorites. Visit my Etsy site to check them out!

Also, one of my friends, Elizabeth, came over today with her son Gavin. He is almost one year old! We contemplated Gavin being the new face of Moosette ;-) but figured that may be a little too cruel to do to someone that can even speak yet... but he is walking like a wild man! Elizabeth also supported the Moosette brand and bought a couple of headbands :-)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tatum's Catwalk!

I love the colors of this one... army green, purple and silver for some pizazz
Smiling like a princess :-)
We kept Tatum entertained with flowers

Today one of my friends, Annie, and her daughter came over to model some of my accessories for the camera. Before today I didn't have any pictures of my children's headbands. Annie and I had to work quickly - Tatum is a little busy body!

We took tons of pictures of Tatum in a variety of headbands and clips... she was a real trooper! I have posted two of the headbands on to my Etsy site, but have attached pics of the ones that haven't made the cut... yet! I also decided to name these headbands after Tatum... my little model since she has also been my inspiration for many of them :-)

It is difficult to figure out the best strategy with Etsy. Right now I am thinking posting a couple new things a day will be the most beneficial since you only stay on the first few pages for about a day since there are so many sellers posting each day. So I don't want to post all at once and lose that visibility after only a few days. We will see how this strategy works... if anyone has any experience with marketing your Etsy shop I would love advice. I have read a bunch of forums and first thing I know I am in desperate need of is a photographer with actual experience... my photos just aren't coming out too great which is difficult when you are attempting to sell items online... but I am working with what I got :-) I blame it on the weather... I just haven't had proper sunlight to take adequate pics ;-)

I have also put a link to my Etsy site at the top of my blog page... so remember to check back often as I am posting daily!

Monday, February 8, 2010

And We Are Off!

So... after a great weekend I was ready and willing to attempt to play around with my Etsy site again... I think I was just too fried last Friday because it was a lot easier than I thought! One thing is for sure - I am learning a lot about computers... maybe even more than I wanted to. I had to figure out how to scale a jpeg down to a specific size, create my own personal header for my shop and much more! I consider myself pretty savy with Microsoft Office programs but when it comes to any type of creative programs I am lost... so I guess this is good practice for me :-)

Anyways... back to the exciting news! My Etsy site is up and running! I only have three items posted; however, I will post more throughout the week. I had to give each design a name which was semi difficult - until I realized I should name them after important people in my life... so for the first two collections that were posted I named them after Dylan's two nieces (Peyton and Zoe)... who I absolutely adore as if they were my own. They are two of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen and thought their names would be perfect for my first two collections.

For those of you that are not familiar with Etsy you are in for a treat! I am obsessed with this site! Everything sold on the site is either handmade or a vintage find. The site has been around since 2005 but I feel that it has become more and more popular in the last couple of years... or maybe I have heard more about it since friends around me have been getting married... which many brides find unique items for their big day on the site. In my mind Etsy can be compared to a craft fair online - it is fabulous!

If you get the time - check out my site!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Failed Deadline...

We played around with the different ways you can wear this
The tulle looks grayish blue but is actually black
Again the lighting was off... this is actually metallic silver and black
Should have gotten closer up so you could see the detail of the fabric
This is a wrap around head band... the ribbon is gold and black... fun for Valentine's Day!

I did not end up meeting the deadline that I gave myself to get my Etsy site up and running by the end of today. I guess that I technically have some hours left in the day; however, my brain is fried from staring at the computer a majority of the day! So I may have to push the deadline to next week... oh well I guess deadlines are made to be broken... right??

I did get the opportunity to take pictures of my products in one of my friend's hair. Kimmy was a good sport! I posted a few of the pics... however, Dylan said that he will help me with some of the editing and retouching needed to the photos (no airbrushing of course ;-)... just fixing the colors and cropping). After the morning of taking pictures I realized that I am no where near being a stellar photographer! It is so difficult to get the position just right for the color to 'pop' the way I wanted it to. It also didn't help that the weather was pretty dreary so we had no natural lighting which I find is typically the best in pictures. Oh well... at least we attempted and got a little bit closer to the end result!

Also... did anyone see Oprah today?? One of my friends, Kim, texted me to let me know that Pink was on today and she was sporting a huge black flower clip in her hair. I love that everyone has a little 'Blair Waldorf' in them :-) Pink's clip was really cute and definitely suited her style. I tried to find and image online but wasn't able to find one...

I hope that everyone has a great weekend... and a fantastic Super Bowl Sunday!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Again... my blackberry is failing to display the brightness of the colors!
I LOVE this... am I allowed to say that about something I made??
I love the contrast of the silver applique and gold threading... obviously cant see the detail in the pic :-)

Well... today did not go as planned - unfortunately my friend and my friend's daughter had to cancel our photo shoot. My child model came down with a bug and instead of making her debut in front of the camera she was in bed... child stars - always on their own time ;-) All kidding aside - I hope that she gets better soon and we have rescheduled for next week!

I then called a couple of my other friends; however, it was too late of notice but I will have some help tomorrow morning - Yay - so I will post the pics on my etsy site tomorrow afternoon! Today gave me a chance to get the final details worked out with my etsy site - like my Pay Pal account and some of the verbiage that will be included... so even though it wasn't very exciting it was a bit productive.

I also had a chance to work on a few more things which is a good thing since I am planning on photographing and posting them tomorrow. I included a couple above for a little teaser :-) I LOVED that sequins made a come back this past winter - so I figured to keep it going with some brighter colors... who says the holiday season can't last all year long!

We made it to the end of the week... just have to make it through Friday and we are home free - Super Bowl Sunday - Yay!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Spring Fling... A Little Early...

So... it isn't exactly Spring time yet... but the sun was shining with no clouds in the sky today so it got me in the mood for Spring colors... even though it was still pretty chilly outside - well at least for San Diego standards :-)

I spent the afternoon up in my office creating new clips and headbands - and you guessed it in some fun 'springy' colors - the pictures I attached don't do the beautiful jewel tones justice, especially the blue... it is actually a really vibrant turquoise; however, the camera on my blackberry wasn't able to pick it up properly :-)

Dylan brought home the camera from work for me to use - so I talked one of my friends into being my 'hair model' tomorrow as well as her freaking adorable daughter for my children's accessories. I am excited for our mock photo shoot tomorrow and even more excited to get my Etsy site up and running!

I LOVE these! So simple but add the 'oomph' to a simple outfit - I also imagine these as the perfect accessory for bridesmaids!
A fun 'cherry' for the simple t-shirt and jeans
Love these colors!
Attempted to take a pic of one in my hair... not sure how my arm bent that way :-)