Thursday, June 17, 2010

Timeless Ponys...

One trend that will never die (heck a majority of our founding fathers sported this style) is the hair remedy that cures all bad hair days - the ponytail! This style looks fabulous on all ages and for all occasions... and the best part - there are so many variations... messy, to the side, pigtails... the list goes on. Oh how I love my pony - anyone that knows me - knows that it is very rare that my hair is down... for one I am not too savvy with the blow dryer... hence the reason I typically air-dry... and two I absolutely love the simple yet sleek look of the ponytail.

Oh pony how I love thee...

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dear Mr. Louboutin...

Ummm... Christian if you are out there - can we please work out some kind of deal so I can afford these amazing pumps. I would really enjoy strutting through summer in these lovelies. Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated :-)

Thanks lover!

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vino with the Girls...

Tonight is wine and a run with the girls :-) Don't you just love nights in with your girlfriends :-)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Electric... Boogie Woogie!


Stewart Weitzman

Marc by Marc Jacobs

I am totally smitten over the neon trend happening right now. Nothing says summer fun like an overly bright color thrown in the mix. Adding an electrifying hue to your outfit is such an easy way to spice things up... whether it be a neon clutch or pair of bright pumps you are sure to make a statement. Maybe I am loving this trend because it brings out the 80's baby in me or maybe because I am the first to rsvp to an 80's themed party... whatever the reason - I am totally diggin it!

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Terrain Lovin...

Lotus Wall Planter - on sale $33.95
Pig Salt and Pepper Shakers - $18
Disposable Wooden Utensils - $10 for set of ten

Amish Floral Pillow - $54

Not sure if all of you are familiar with Urban Outfitters, Inc. home fashion and garden store - Terrain... seriously - amazing! If you are like me and my Mom - we are obsessed with Anthro's home section in their stores... both of our houses are adorned with many finds over the years - well they actually have a store solely focused on home and garden - and let me tell you be prepared to be swooning over all of the lovely items! All of the items definitely have a vintage/earthy feel... get ready to fall in love :-) I know they opened in late 2008 - but unfortunately (or I guess fortunately for my wallet) I just heard about them about six months ago!


Okay... so it isnt exactly pouring out like the image I selected... and there are no puddles to be jumped in... but it was heavy, heavy misting this morning... enough to put on the wipers - what the heck?? I am so over June gloom - ready for some sunshine and beach days...

Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Favorites...

Cupcakes by Christy - Because who isn't a princess on their birthday... or lets be honest every day!

Our Little Cupcake - Bottoms up! This slice of heaven is made with tequila!

Two Sugar Babies - Ummm... so stinkin cute!

Friendly Creationss - YUM! Cupcake Burgers!

Sugar Robot - Seriously who knew food could be so dang pretty!

It's my birthday and I can cry if I want to - well not really my birthday yet... and no crying here - but it will be my birthday on Monday!!! Wahhoooo... I love my birthday; however, this year has been a little different. I am not really that into turning another year older... I will be 28 on Monday! Not sure how I feel about that?? But I decided to start getting excited and thought I would scour Etsy for yummy birthday cupcakes... yes you can actually buy delish cupcakes on Etsy... seriously what don't they have??

Happy Friday everyone! Hopefully I haven't lost yall after my non existing blog posts for the past week!

Desserted Blog...

I have been a horrible blogger the past couple of weeks! I have had a ton of things going on - no exucse... I know :-) I promise to be back on track next week...