Monday, March 14, 2011

Lack of Posts...

I have been in bed with the flu since early last week... blehhhh! I shut myself off from society - which means no computer and little use of the blackberry. I hope to be up and running again by the end of this week...

Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Weekend!

Not much on the radar this weekend... Tonight we are hanging with one of the boy toys besties (can you use that term for boys??) from college... he is always a barrel of laughs. Not much going on tomorrow... hopefully going to get a long run in the morning (having the wedding seven months away is a real motivator!) and we are hoping to catch up with the boy toy's brother and his fam. So I guess our weekend is chalking up to a weekend filled with fun peeps!

Have a fabulous weekend!

pic: weheartit

Friday Finds... Chevron!







I mean - honestly who doesn't love a fabulous chevron print as much as I?? What's not to love about this geometric goodness?? Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

70's Trend on Your Own Terms...

70's Fashion

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Out with the old in with the 70's! I am a little tardy for this party on posting about the big 70's trend that is in full effect for spring and summer... but let's just call it fashionably late... shall we?? Last summer all of the buzz was geared towards 60's Mad Men inspiration - well this year it is easy, breezy boho looks and disco fever nights...

I am truly am a lover of bohemian fashion; however, it really isn't for me... (Carrie from one of my fav blogs pulls this look off every time... jealous much!) I can get away with maxi dresses and can not wait to sport a maxi skirt - but the wide leg pants and calf length skirts (short legs here people!) just aren't my friends... so this is my spin 70's fashion... if there is one thing to always remember when it comes to new trends - they aren't for everyone! Dress for your body type and your personal likes...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Spring Perfection

Oh Mr. Valentino can you please cut me some sort of deal on these lovely pumps... I promise to give them a very loving home... I just can not seem to imagine my spring/summer without them. Oh all of the weddings and events we could attend together... I can just picture it now... a lifetime of happiness together!

Sigh, just another ShoesDay dream...

You too can dream here...

Monday, February 28, 2011

Blazer Love...


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One of my favorite ways to cover up on chilly nights is to throw on a blazer... I am oh so happy that this trend isn't going anywhere this spring. A classic blazer thrown over dress or skirt equals pretty much perfection in my book!

Oh and a little hint - my favorite go-to black blazer is actually just an old Calvin Klein suit jacket (that I hadn't worn in years) - I rolled up the sleeves a couple of times and voila had my new fav staple piece without even opening my wallet!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Finds: Jewelry too Good to be True

What's not to love?? Perfect spring addition - $26
Ummm... you had me at hello! - $49

Lovely one of a kind piece - $49

How awesome is this one of a kind necklace?? - $49

Love these earrings - $29

Gold and turquoise... always a classic - $29

Ummm... I seriously can not stop drooling over this Etsy shop! Seriously I want everything! I am a true sucker for any sort of delicate, classic gold pieces and this shop has 88 swoon worthy options... oh and the best part - the ridiculously affordable prices! In my book this shop equals nothing short of perfection! Check out friedasophie's shop!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Life's a Rainbow...

Pop O Color

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So... I have officially been a very bad blogger lately. After we got back from NYC and I reveled in the idea of being a bride I jumped full force into wedding planning (we decided on an October wedding of this year). While the wedding has somehow already taken over all of my thoughts I have neglected my happy place... this blog and all of my fav daily reads! That stops here!

One of my favorite things about spring is retiring my boring black and tan handbags for a little pop of color every once in a while. I mean who doesn't enjoy throwing a bright and unexpected party over their shoulder?? I for one am ready to bring on the color!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Am Back!

Outside of the Frick Collection - seriously visit this mansion turned museum... amazing!
One of my fav vintage shops to visit while in the city... score an awesome bag every time!
Box suite for the Knicks vs Lakers - boy toy had a perma grin the entire time!
The pic I was snapping and as I turned around found boy toy on one knee - you better believe this will be blown up and framed in our home forever!
The newly engaged trying not to freeze while on our way to The Plaza!
Admiring my new bling!
The Plaza Hotel
Celebrating with besties from high school - best night of my life! Ps... Bought this fabulously yellow little number at H&M - only $19.95!

I had the most ahhhhmazing time in NYC! I don't even know where to begin... we shared yummy dinners with friends... shopped... enjoyed a box suite at the Knicks vs Lakers game... strolled through a couple museums... walks in Central Park - oh and the best part... GOT ENGAGED!

It was the most magical proposal that I girl could ever ask for... walking in Central Park... the big YES... followed by celebratory cocktails at The Plaza (seriously??)... and then meeting up with friends for a delish dinner and cocktails into the night with friends and my new fiance!

I promise not to turn this little blog of mine into a wedding blog... but I just had to share the big news... I cant stop looking down at my left hand to admire my beautifully, amazing ring! I promise normal posts will resume tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Red Eye Comfort...

Comfy Casual

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The boy toy and I are leaving on a jet plane tonight... destination = The Big Apple! We love taking the red eye when traveling back east as we don't have to give up any of our precious vacay minutes for travel time. I will be sporting an outfit very similar to this look... comfort is key to red eye travels. I always, always travel with a large, comfy scarf as it doubles as a blanket for me on the plane. I am taking the train up to the boy toys work this evening and then off we go!

See yall when I get back!

Have a fabulous week/weekend!

Monday, February 7, 2011



Some essentials that will definitely be making it in my suitcase...

We had a very eventful weekend filled with lots and lots of fun! Well... just because the weekend is over doesn't mean our fun has come to an end! In just two short days me and the boy toy will be kissing this fabulous warm weather behind for the slush filled streets of NYC! We booked our trip about two weeks ago to visit a couple of my besties from high school and their lovers. We are staying at my aunt's fabulous Upper East Side apartment - no one lives there as they purchased a couple years ago for trips such as this!

We have all sorts of fun things planned - fun dinners with friends, museums and of course shopping! Don't worry that I have already mapped out the fabulous vintage shops I want to hit up - my friends always laugh because I always show up with my excel spreadsheet (obvi copies for everyone) in hand ready to shop!

Now on to the important things... what to pack?? I have been enjoying me some summer like conditions here in San Diego and have totally forgotten how to dress for winter!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Weekend!

I am looking forward to a weekend filled with amingos and amigas! To kick the weekend off the boy toy is home early and we are going to check out some outdoor furniture and fire pit (we had our backyard redone in the winter - the grass town out and stone pavers laid). And tonight is date night... excited for some yummy food and a glass or two of vino! Saturday the boy toy is going golfing with my brother and friends and us girls are going to meet up with them after at a brewery nearby. And the grand finale of the weekend will be our BBQ during the big game! Excited to have our friends over and cheers in the new backyard... and it doesn't hurt that it is an excuse to overindulge in all of the finger foods!

What do yall have planned for the big game??

Have a fabulous weekend!

Friday Finds... Valentine's Day

hapagirls - Love the two different metals used...
jamierose5985 - Library cards as a Valentine?? Seriously - obsessed!

paper polaroid - I am always a sucker for a cute garland...

porter gulch - How sweet is this??

the lonely heart - Perfect way to add a personal touch to a wedding or your home!

Well it is the first week of February - which means Valentine's Day is right around the corner... just over a week away! Etsy is nothing short of fabulous for this holiday of love...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Go Green (or more accurately white) With H&M...

Seriously - scalloped shorts - So cute!

You had me at hello... obsessed! My favorite of the entire collection - please fit as pretty as you look!
What's not to love of this easy, breezy goodness??

Love the detailing of the sleeves...

I imagine myself running through a field of wild flowers - no??


H&M released information today regarding their new line to hit stores April 14th - Conscious Collection - just like the name states this line of clothing for men and women is made from environmentally adapted materials including organic cotton, Tencel and recycled polyester. The collection is a follow-up of the ever so popular Garden Collection that debuted last year. This sustainable collection is comprised of varying shades of white - in my opinion what more could you ask for in a spring collection?? I love the simplicity yet romantic feel of each piece...

Visit here for more details (including prices) and the full collection!

sources: h&m

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

DIY... Dollar Store Rope Necklace!

I think it is safe to say that the whole blogging world remembers Dollar Store Crafts diy post last December that involved a couple jump ropes, copper (we will call them rose gold) tubes, caps and magnets. Well I went straight out to the Dollar Tree and picked up my materials but never got around to finishing the project since I had so much going on around the holidays... well I decided those jump ropes had been storing dust long enough and decided today was the day for my nautical necklace to be born...

Materials... two jump ropes (I chose a vibrant purple which the pic doesn't do it justice) from Dollar Tree (obvi $1 each), two copper tubes and caps (65 cents each at Home Depot), two magnets (a pack of 10 for $1.90 at Home Depot), scissors, lighter and hot glue gun

For the tutorial on how to tie a lanyard knot go here... it took me a couple times to figure it out... I was a little slow today... but Samantha has a video posted on the left hand side of the page that takes you step by step...
The chain is completed... I just went until I got to the end of my shorter ropes
Close up of my proud lanyard knot chain (yep I feel like I belong on a boat)
I am ready for spring and all of the lovely nautical stripes!

Now that I have the hang of the knots... I will be creating many more rope necklaces for my friends to sport in the spring!

** I will probably use jewelry findings on my next rope necklace because the necklace is a bit too heavy to be held by two little magnets. It does connect... but doesn't feel very secure...

source: here and here and here

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

DIY... From the Hardware Store!

A few weekends ago the boy toy and I were at Home Depot picking up a few things for some diys around the house. When I was walking around I realized what a mecca that place was for projects for my own diys! I went back the next day (because lets be honest the boy toy does not have the patience to wait for me while I shop... even if it is in Home Depot!). I seriously picked out about 50+ washers, nuts and copper tubes for under $8 - seriously you can get these things for just pennies - way cheaper than materials at a bead or craft store and in my opinion just as cute!

I wasn't exactly sure what I felt like making... I spray painted about half of my materials gold, because we all know I am obsessed with ghetto gold! I left them in the garage for about a week and forgot about them until I came across this fabulous post on I Spy DIY - seriously was she reading my mind??

Materials - metallic spray paint in gold, washers, satin ribbon (wasn't sure if I was going to use lace), scissors and a lighter
Spray painting the washers and nuts a beautiful ghetto gold!
The tutorial via The Small Object is super simple to follow along with... promise!
I decided to switch it up and mix metals, gold and and silver...
Finished product! I tied the ends of the ribbon and used the lighter to singe the edges to keep them from fraying. I didn't go for the choker like the original tutorial as I wanted the necklace to drape with the excess ribbon...
Me likey! Especially the gold and silver combo! I will probably try it next with the black lace to add a bit more glitz and glam!

I am definitely going to make the rope necklace with the remaining bolts that I spray painted gold!

here and here