Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tatum's Catwalk!

I love the colors of this one... army green, purple and silver for some pizazz
Smiling like a princess :-)
We kept Tatum entertained with flowers

Today one of my friends, Annie, and her daughter came over to model some of my accessories for the camera. Before today I didn't have any pictures of my children's headbands. Annie and I had to work quickly - Tatum is a little busy body!

We took tons of pictures of Tatum in a variety of headbands and clips... she was a real trooper! I have posted two of the headbands on to my Etsy site, but have attached pics of the ones that haven't made the cut... yet! I also decided to name these headbands after Tatum... my little model since she has also been my inspiration for many of them :-)

It is difficult to figure out the best strategy with Etsy. Right now I am thinking posting a couple new things a day will be the most beneficial since you only stay on the first few pages for about a day since there are so many sellers posting each day. So I don't want to post all at once and lose that visibility after only a few days. We will see how this strategy works... if anyone has any experience with marketing your Etsy shop I would love advice. I have read a bunch of forums and first thing I know I am in desperate need of is a photographer with actual experience... my photos just aren't coming out too great which is difficult when you are attempting to sell items online... but I am working with what I got :-) I blame it on the weather... I just haven't had proper sunlight to take adequate pics ;-)

I have also put a link to my Etsy site at the top of my blog page... so remember to check back often as I am posting daily!

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