Monday, March 14, 2011

Lack of Posts...

I have been in bed with the flu since early last week... blehhhh! I shut myself off from society - which means no computer and little use of the blackberry. I hope to be up and running again by the end of this week...

Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Weekend!

Not much on the radar this weekend... Tonight we are hanging with one of the boy toys besties (can you use that term for boys??) from college... he is always a barrel of laughs. Not much going on tomorrow... hopefully going to get a long run in the morning (having the wedding seven months away is a real motivator!) and we are hoping to catch up with the boy toy's brother and his fam. So I guess our weekend is chalking up to a weekend filled with fun peeps!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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Friday Finds... Chevron!







I mean - honestly who doesn't love a fabulous chevron print as much as I?? What's not to love about this geometric goodness?? Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

70's Trend on Your Own Terms...

70's Fashion

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Out with the old in with the 70's! I am a little tardy for this party on posting about the big 70's trend that is in full effect for spring and summer... but let's just call it fashionably late... shall we?? Last summer all of the buzz was geared towards 60's Mad Men inspiration - well this year it is easy, breezy boho looks and disco fever nights...

I am truly am a lover of bohemian fashion; however, it really isn't for me... (Carrie from one of my fav blogs pulls this look off every time... jealous much!) I can get away with maxi dresses and can not wait to sport a maxi skirt - but the wide leg pants and calf length skirts (short legs here people!) just aren't my friends... so this is my spin 70's fashion... if there is one thing to always remember when it comes to new trends - they aren't for everyone! Dress for your body type and your personal likes...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Spring Perfection

Oh Mr. Valentino can you please cut me some sort of deal on these lovely pumps... I promise to give them a very loving home... I just can not seem to imagine my spring/summer without them. Oh all of the weddings and events we could attend together... I can just picture it now... a lifetime of happiness together!

Sigh, just another ShoesDay dream...

You too can dream here...