Friday, February 5, 2010

Failed Deadline...

We played around with the different ways you can wear this
The tulle looks grayish blue but is actually black
Again the lighting was off... this is actually metallic silver and black
Should have gotten closer up so you could see the detail of the fabric
This is a wrap around head band... the ribbon is gold and black... fun for Valentine's Day!

I did not end up meeting the deadline that I gave myself to get my Etsy site up and running by the end of today. I guess that I technically have some hours left in the day; however, my brain is fried from staring at the computer a majority of the day! So I may have to push the deadline to next week... oh well I guess deadlines are made to be broken... right??

I did get the opportunity to take pictures of my products in one of my friend's hair. Kimmy was a good sport! I posted a few of the pics... however, Dylan said that he will help me with some of the editing and retouching needed to the photos (no airbrushing of course ;-)... just fixing the colors and cropping). After the morning of taking pictures I realized that I am no where near being a stellar photographer! It is so difficult to get the position just right for the color to 'pop' the way I wanted it to. It also didn't help that the weather was pretty dreary so we had no natural lighting which I find is typically the best in pictures. Oh well... at least we attempted and got a little bit closer to the end result!

Also... did anyone see Oprah today?? One of my friends, Kim, texted me to let me know that Pink was on today and she was sporting a huge black flower clip in her hair. I love that everyone has a little 'Blair Waldorf' in them :-) Pink's clip was really cute and definitely suited her style. I tried to find and image online but wasn't able to find one...

I hope that everyone has a great weekend... and a fantastic Super Bowl Sunday!

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