Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fabulous Floral Finds...

Dolce Vita - $144
Joie - $128
Rebecca Taylor - $195
Free People - $128

I have always had a weird thing against floral prints - as I would definitely consider myself a girly girl - love shopping, clothes, nail polish, etc.; however, I have never been too into anything too over the top feminine such as florals or pinks. Boy has my mind changed this season! I am loving the florals (went shopping with my Mom today and picked up a lovely floral blouse... compliments of Momma!)! I cant seem to get enough of them - I cant remember a season when there have been so many different trends to follow - florals, stripes, military, sparkle - this spring is sure to be candy for the eye! Not going to lie - I am also sort of digging the idea of matching unexpected prints together... I have included a few of my favorite floral finds...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pretty Stinkin Clever!

Can you believe this used to be a dress??

I came across probably one of the most clever things I have ever seen! A 'Do It Yourself' tutorial on how to turn your old bridesmaids dresses into throw pillows! I about died when I read the headline (could not picture it) and then clicked on the article and the pillow is actually pretty stinkin cute! Everyone has those bridesmaid dresses that you will never wear again - not that any of mine have been all that bad. It is just they are 'bridesmaidy' and most likely not going to be making any return appearances but I have always felt way to bad getting rid of them because all of them hold special memories of my best friends special days - so this is the perfect alternative! I can turn them into pillows for my house - or better yet re gift them to the brides ;-) Muuaahhahhhh!

Click here to get the full slideshow tutorial!

Pic: The Examiner

Monday, March 29, 2010

Love of LC...

Floral Sheath Dress - on sale $41.99

Sequin Sheath Dress - on sale $39.99

Lace Skirt - on sale $29.99; Ruffled Dress - on sale $39.99

Welcome back from the weekend! Hope everyone had an enjoyable one... I sure did. The weather was great... spent time with friends, got the bronze on and even threw in a wedding shower for a family friend - all in all a fabulous weekend!

So... I have to embarrassingly admit that I have been an avid follower of Lauren Conrad (dubbed as LC) ever since she started her reality TV career on Laguna Beach on MTV - I then graduated to watching The Hills but ended my journey with the cheesy MTV reality series when she exited the show last year.

Anyways... I have been seeing numerous commercials lately for her new line at Kohl's. I finally went online today and checked it out and was pleasantly surprised. As I mentioned I was obsessed with following her life in Laguna and in LA but was sadly disappointed when she launched her brand a couple years ago - thought it was a bit over priced for mostly simple cotton clothing. Not so with her new line for Kohl's! I have never been in a Kohl's - I actually have to admit I don't even know where one is located but I may have to scout one out so I can see her line in person! The details of the clothing (from what I can see online) are fabulous - and for the price - cant be beat. Nothing is over $60 and a majority of the items I found online were highly marked down.

So - cheers to LC!

pics: nitro:licious

Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Favorites!

All About Style - $95

Maries Cozy Cushions - $20 (for two)

Looking forward to the weekend ahead - should be filled with sunshine and great friends! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend - enjoy my fabulous finds from Etsy this week... can you tell that I was in a mood for turquoise this week!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cocktail Hour...

Stephen Dweck - $295 Stephen Dweck - $395
Trina Turk - $66

What better way to get ready for Friday's cocktail hour than to drool over some of my favorite cocktail rings?? This week has been a busy one - Dylan leaves tomorrow for Australia so I have plans with my friend for cocktails and dinner! The sun should show his face this weekend so I am hoping to get my bronze on at the beach... Enjoy the beauties above!

Happy Friday Eve!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Bow Debate...

Zara 2010

Marc Jacobs 2010

Marc Jacobs 2010

Temperley 2010

Diane Von Furstenburg 2010

Dylan and I rocking 80's gear at a party last summer... I guess my bow is 'what NOT to wear' :-)

I have seen countless articles and websites this season mentioning the trend of over sized bows in the hair of models on the runways - Marc Jacobs, Luella, DVF... just to name a few. They have also been popping up at the more mainstream affordable retail shops such as Forever 21. It has taken me a few months to come around to this trend (which means it is probably on its way out)... to me the over sized bow belonged at a retro 80's party - but the more and more that I encounter these little lovelys I am starting to become quite smitten... they add a sort of fun, playfulness to any outfit - but clearly us mere mortals would of course have to tone down the trend a bit to avoid from resurrecting Madonna in her Material Girl era...

Another thing to remember when attempting to rock this style - unless you are of the age to that is still swinging on the monkey bars... I would say definitely avoid anything too 'cute' - I don't think that is what this trend is going for... I think the trick is to add a bow to an already edgy outfit...

What are your thoughts on the over sized bows popping up seemingly everywhere??

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Newest Lovelys...

These are all wrap around headbands and the ones below are standard headbands...
Sort of loving this cream and gold lovely!
Gray and yellow are two of my favorite colors together...
Obsessed with the detailing on this vintage button!
Does this make anyone else want to sing 'Yo-ho, Yo-ho a pirates life for me'?? I love the stripes!

Here is a collection of my newest headbands that I have been working on the past few days. Can you tell that I am really digging the sequins lately?? I love them - not sure if others will too - but I think it is the perfect touch for spring and summer - day or night... but that may just be me :-)

Notice the cute wooden stand that my wonderful brother built for me... we copied a stand in Anthropologie... love the rustic look of it... not to mention the functionality - it helps keep my workspace tidy while still displaying some of my newest pieces.

I will try to get these items up on Etsy tomorrow!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Springtime how I love thee...

Lilac Shower Shift Dress - $69.50!
Stapless Chambray Wild Rose Dress - $98.00
Degrade Seraphina - $450.00 - a girl can dream can't she??
Seraphina Dress - on sale for $199.99

In celebration of the turn of another season this past weekend I figured it was best to post a few of my favorite flowy dresses most appropriate for spring. Can you tell that I have been browsing the J Crew website - one of my favorites! Every time I walk into a J Crew or browse the catalog I am filled with envy of all the beautiful clothing and accessories! Their pieces are always timeless... much like good ol' Banana Republic.

Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend - I had a fabulous weekend spent with many friends... and Dylan ended up coming home a couple days early from Cabo which was a wonderful surprise :-)

Enjoy the lovelys above :-)
pics: J Crew

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Favorites...

{Ariana Statement Multichain by White Owl $65.00}

{Shabby Chic Earring by sewlola $16.00 or free with purchase of $65.}

So one of my favorite things is browsing Etsy... I am constantly re amazed at how talented people are. I love the fact that everything is either handmade or vintage - which means everything has a story. I decided to begin a new tradition... Friday Favorites! Every Friday I will post a few of my favorite finds from Etsy :-)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Target = LOVE!

Target has done it again... stolen my heart away with their collaboration with guest designers for affordable prices! Their latest lovely is guest designer , Liberty of London... which is amazing! I haven't had a chance to go to Target and check it out yet - I know... what is wrong with me I usually frequent Target at least twice a week!

Liberty of London for Target includes everything from women's clothing... to men's clothing... to bicycles... home decor... furniture - pretty much you name it and they brought it to Target. I am currently obsessed with many items... one specifically includes the colorful beach cruisers! They are to die for... I am thinking of trading in my old trusty bike from my college days in Santa Barbara for a bright and shiny Liberty for London ride! I also adore all of their prints for their home decor collection...

So... you can tell I am pretty much obsessed and plan to make a trip to Target tomorrow to see what goodies I can snatch up before it's all gone!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

In celebration of St. Patrick's Day I figured what better way to show my spirit to the Irish than to copy a few of my favorite green things... well and of course the green beer I will be sipping in the next hour!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fun Bag Tag!

FUN! I was tagged by the fabulous Trishie! According to the tag I must show the contents of my purse... because as we know that usually tells a story of it's own!

1. Of course - my purse... Marc by Marc Jacobs
2. Mini clutch
3. 'On the go Kit' - contains mini emery board, dental flossers, sewing kit, hairband, adhesive bandages, stain treating towelette - pretty much the greatest thing ever... compliments of my Aunt Jodi :-)
4. Mentos Gum
5. Two nail polishes
6. Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet
7. Chanel lip gloss
8. Natural Ice chap stick
9. Pen
10. Anthropologie gift card... inside the monster looking thing :-)

Monday, March 15, 2010


My Football Mums in my new vase from Anthro from my Momma - Thanks Mom!

My weekend was great! Saturday Dylan and I tackled our office and hallway storage... my life definitely feels much more in order and I am feeling like myself again :-) I made labels for all of our shelves (yep... I am that crazy!) and everything has its own home! The last step in this decluttering project is the desk! I am excited to scour consignment shops downtown while Dylan is in Australia. He leaves in about a week... and even closer than that he leaves this Wednesday for Cabo for a bachelor party through Sunday... so I am planning some girl time of my own :-)

The sun is shining and should remain shining for the next few days! I ventured into the 90 degree heat in downtown LA - and scoured the streets of the Fashion/Garment Districts... one of my new favorite hobbies! I definitely feel super dirty by the end of my day... but it is well worth it because of the great finds! I am so excited to get to work tomorrow with all of the new goodies I found! Stay tuned...

Another reason why I love Downtown Los Angeles is for the Flower Market! I always have to roam these blocks and take in the lovely flowers and enjoy the delightful scents that fill the streets. I am never able to leave empty handed... always come home with at least one bunch. You can find the freshest of flowers for great prices. I picked up a bunch of white Football Mums (just found out their names!) and have divided them up into three different vases around the house... doesn't life just seem so much better with fresh cut flowers?? I took a picture of the bunch on my coffee table in the new vase that my Mom got me from Anthropologie... I love it!

Friday, March 12, 2010

New to the Shop!

FRIDAY! Wahooooo! I am ready for a relaxing weekend after our whirlwind of a weekend last week in Santa Barbara! I am ready to catch up on some sleep and also ready to tackle the our office ... some major spring cleaning is in store!

I got a chance to add some new items to my Etsy shop... check it out! I have attached a couple sneak peeks above :-)

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!