Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fun Day!!!

Me and my Grandma... excuse the giant glass of vino in front of us ;-)

Dylan will not be happy that I am promoting Quicksilver - but how could I not - Gavin looks so CUTE!!!

Please note Gavin's skinny jeans - freaking fabulous!

So... today wasn't very productive for Moosette :-) but it was a fabulous day!

My grandma and I went shopping and to lunch today. I am so fortunate to have one of my grandmas live close by... not only close but in the same neighborhood as my parents. That's right my grandma has been there for every birthday... graduation... you name it! I am so lucky. She is one of the most beautiful and smartest women that I know... It isn't every day that a 27 year old has all four grandparents alive and well :-)

After dropping off my grandma I spent the remainder of the afternoon and evening with the opposite side of the age scale... a bunch of rowdy rug rats! I went and met my friends Elizabeth who is visiting from Orange County and her son Gavin, Annie and her daughter Tatum and the rest of Elizabeth's family which consists of four nieces! It was a wild and crazy time! I don't know how they do it... I am exhausted! It is only 7:45pm and I could easily slip my jammies on and call it a night! I had a lot of fun with them all... kids really do say the darnedest things... I could sit and laugh at them all day! One of Elizabeth's nieces, Abby, dubbed me as 'T' and was constantly yelling 'T here' - which meant Tanya hurry up and get over here! Ha! It was hysterical!

So... overall it was a fantastic day... just not very productive on the business end... oh well there is always tomorrow!


  1. Gavin looks like he's busting a move, what a cutie! heh.

  2. "T Here!!!" So fun playing with you today! Gavin (and Abby) love Auntie T! I also love my headbands. Alynda, Annie and Bec want some as well, and Ella. The Davis family is a huge fan of Moosette! XOXO Love the pics of Gavin!