Thursday, April 15, 2010

Yes, Please!

I am the first to admit that I am sort of a snob when it comes to buying clothes or shoes... I would rather have better quality items and just less of them than settle for more affordable brands... I know, I know I am ridiculous! I sadly just don't always have the patience to be sifting through stores like Forever 21 or TJ Maxx - however, Target is a completely different story! I swear I think half of my wardrobe and sandals are by none other than Target... I am living la vida budget these days - and proud of it!

So... on to the big news - Cynthia Vincent (Twelfth Street - one of my favs!) is collaborating with Target on a line of affordable shoes! They are set to hit stores April 18th - yes only three days away! Best part about this whole phenomenon - prices range between $25 - $30... Yes, Please!!! So - low and behold I can stay on my budget and indulge in a pair of these lovlies... or maybe two!

Life just doesn't get much better than this! It will be a safe bet that I will be first in line at my Target come this Sunday!


  1. That's great! I'll check the shoes at target!
    You have a lovely blog :)

  2. Hey :)

    Cuttteee. I'll second the motion of being a; Clothes snob. Most of the trends to me look just like the other, so I hunch my shoulders and just stare at the displays in the window...same clothes I know, but at least they found a way to make it trendy :)

    Have a fab day :) Btw, I gave you a blog award (Dazzle Girl)

  3. i've got go to target. the trick will be not buying ALL of those!

    I've got a new giveaway i think you might

  4. I can't wait! I'm hoping they still have a few cute things online!


    PS you really need to make a twitter for your blog!

  5. lovely shoes!!


  6. I saw a pair of sandals out at Target today - they were pretty cute. I'm holding out for the ballet flats though!