Monday, April 26, 2010

Just Like Riding a Bike...

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend - mine was great! The Encinitas Street Fair was going on all weekend... Saturday the sun was shining... so we took advantage and biked from our house down to the crowds of peeps and spent the day sipping beers in the sun - the perfect day!

How I long for the days of college when sometimes it would be days before I strapped on a seat belt in my car! We had everything we needed at our finger tips... we either walked or rode our bikes everywhere - including class... those were the days :-) I had a quick trip down memory lane as the wind blew through my hair... oh how I miss the days of little responsibility!

pics: weheartit


  1. You feel so much healthier too...walking or biking here to there. And searching for a parking spot? Pffpht!

  2. Lovely pictures of bikes, my dear!

  3. i want a vintage bike so badly. i need to start searching garage sales or vintage stores!