Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Falling Down a Rabbit Hole...

Sue Wong for Walt Disney
Sue Wong for Walt Disney
Stella McCartneyTom Binns

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Sorry I played hookie yesterday - Dylan got home on Sunday from Australia and took Monday off - so I figured my weekend would be extended as well :-)

On Sunday night we went and saw Alice in Wonderland in 3d! I have been wanting to see this for weeks. I was a huge fan of the Disney original when I was little so I couldn't wait to see the new spin on it. We loved it! I think it is definitely a movie you need to see in 3d - made the effects so much better!

I was totally smitten over the style and vibrant color schemes seen throughout the movie. I was in awe of the costumes adorned by each character - the costume designer truly outdid themselves in my eyes. Many designers are taking their own spin on the designs and trends seen in Wonderland... Sue Wong, OPI nail polish, Urban Decay, Stella McCartney, Tom Binns and Avril Lavigne for Kohl's! I am especially loving Sue Wong's designer dress collection - too many lovlies to choose from... good thing they are out of my budget!
I know I am a little late to jump on the Wonderland train since it took me a month to get to the theater... but better late than never right :-)

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