Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pink Flamingo!

I had another adventure in downtown LA with my friend Kim. We were both on the hunt for materials for our newest ideas. Kim is hurdling the lengthy process of starting her own event company. She has spent the last few months learning from someone else and has even had the opportunity to do a few weddings on her own. She is very talented and has a fabulous eye. She is almost ready to go out on her... which is very exciting! Kim is just finishing the details of her website and as soon as I get that I will pass it on :-)

So... we wandered the streets of LA for hours searching for the perfect fabrics for some of her table scapes... which I don't know if I am biased but are going to turn out amazing! I am making headbands for a dance team and needed specific colors/materials... which I was able to find them all in LA - so overall it was a very productive day for the two of us; however, extremely exhausting to say the least! We didn't get back down to San Diego until about 8pm... which was way too late for me to conquer this post that is why it is posted today... oops!

So stay tuned for what I will be creating from the materials above!

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