Tuesday, April 27, 2010

One Month Countdown Begins...

Seriously thinking about switching to vodka as my cocktail of choice!
Cosabella even got in on it - SATC Collection by your favorite character!

Too many fabulous necklaces to choose from! Check them out - Dogeared - and the best part you ask... each necklace represents a favorite quote from the series and first movie! Obsessed!

Okay... so I warned you - as we get closer to the long anticipated opening of SATC 2 - you will most likely begin to get sick of my posts about the Manhattan quartet - because I simply can not wait for May 27th! Seriously... I have a slight problem - it is as if I feel like these lovely ladies are my real friends... and am awaiting their visit!

There are many promotions popping up everywhere as we near the opening date... seriously so many fun little goodies that the movie is teaming up with! I am not a vodka drinker (loyal to the Captain)... but how flipping cool are the Skyy bottles?? The fabulous, Patricia Fields, designed the themed bottle... ummm and did I mention that it is the first time Skyy has ever had a themed bottle?? Hewlett-Packard are even in line to get a piece of the pie. It is said that the HP laptops and desk tops will be seen throughout the movie to promote the new spring line of HP's meant to have a fashionable focus - some say the foursome is selling out - I say who cares as long as we keep getting to see their fabulosity!

Ps... I also read that ticket sales have also been booming already - Fandango has reported that SATC 2 ticket sales have been accounting for 20 percent of their daily sales - WHATTTT?? These peeps are on it!


  1. i want that bottle of sky! too cute. i'll have to plan a SATC2 party :)

  2. simply fabulous post Tanya!

    i've heard and seen the mini laptop that's gonna be featured in SATC 2 and i want it so bad. i am loving these necklaces. may 27th cannot get here any faster.

    thanks for sharing.

  3. Us SATC fans are SERIOUS! Btw, we're having a SATC themed giveaway today!