Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Favorites...

Norakaren - $99
Hydra Heart - $48
Lunashoesuk's - $55
Taylor Says - $175
Tuto's - $50.00

I was watching the Today Show yesterday and they featured a segment about Toms Shoes. I don't know if it is because of the cause or that they are channeling the original Vans slipons... but I love Toms Shoes. For those of you that have been missing out on these fabulous little slippers... the creator of Toms (which is not the founders name but the shortened name for tomorrow) had a fantastic idea when visiting Argentina - he would create a brand of shoes (mimicking the simple shoes worn Argentina) and for every pair that you buy he in return would donate a pair to a needy child in Argentina! The concept was dubbed 'One for One'. How great is that?? You can be stylish and comfortable and help those less fortunate in another country! My kind of shopping - no buyers remorse here! The company has helped over 600,000 children in need of shoes since their launch date in 2006!

Anyways... getting back on subject - they were featured on the Today Show yesterday because Toms created the 'Day Without Shoes' movement... meaning they urged everyone to go without shoes yesterday, 4/08! You can check out the link above for different people's stories about their day without shoes.

So for my fabulous Friday favorites today I figured in honor of Toms I would scour Etsy for my favorite shoes!

Have fantastic weekend!


  1. Thanks so much for adding the pheasant shoes!
    Love your blog and I'm following you now!

  2. I wear shoes everyday. I don't know how I could go without them. Unless I was home ALL day. I love that first pair.

  3. Love it!!!! Thanks girl!!!! :)

  4. i love the green and gold ones. soo cute! :)

    i am now your new follower. follow me too? :)

  5. LOVE Toms and loooooove those gold Etsy pretties!

  6. It is so important to always think of how you are going to leave a legacy in your business..... Thanks so much for sharing... Good luck on starting your business.... I am starting my handbag line....


  7. plus we can never have enough shoes right?

  8. I love the blue sparkly one! :)

    I am now following you!

    follow me too yeah?