Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Piggys Going Green...

Mint Candy Apple - Essie (2009)
Jade - Chanel

Jade is the New Black - OPI

Go On Green - OPI

Most of my friends know that I LOVE nail polish - when I was working full time I made a visit to my nail salon once a week for not only a manicure but a pedicure too... I know I am crazy - I need both the fingers and piggys to match (and not to mention I love the foot massages!). Well since my retirement I have had to slap on the paint myself - so not as fun but is within my budget. That is one of the things I love about nail polish... it is an accessory all in itself... and anyone can partake - nail polish trends are uber affordable (there are some brands that are $.99) and doesn't revolve around size or age appropriateness - everyone can glam it up with nails!

So on this Earth Day Eve... I decided to share some of my favorite green shades... I for one am all for shocking colors... heck I had a soft yellow on for Easter in going with the theme of peeps!

pics: Essie, Chanel, OPI


  1. These green shades look great! i've never worn green nail polish, i might have to give it a go.

  2. alas, these colors would not work on me.

  3. Beautiful selection! The last one is my favorite, since it's such a summertime-appropriate turquoise shade.

  4. I love the Essie Mint Candy Apple! In fact, I'm getting a mani today....