Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Living Within Nature - Well Sort Of...

Don't you wish all of your light sockets had these adorable covers!

I for one love a good statement wall - how fun is this wallpaper??
Seriously?? Can I please have all of these lamp shades in my home?? Please!

Love these drapes! Would actually work well in my green home!Not only is Anthropologie's bedding yummy eye candy - it is also SO comfy - my bedding at my parent's house is from Anthro - so stinkin soft!

As most of you know my one stop shop for clothes or accessories is Anthropologie... well it is also my favorite place to browse for items for my home; however, I cant always afford everything... a girl can always dream cant she :-)

Well keeping in the theme for the week - Earth Day! I decided to pick out a couple of my favorite items that allow you to welcome the feel of nature within your home. These items made me feel like I was running through the doors of a secret garden (am I the only one that remembers that book??).



  1. The Secret Garden is hands down my favorite book from my childhood! Loving those big leafy linens!

  2. Hey :)

    No, I remember the book a little, very little tho. I'm lovin' the lamp shades, and Earth Day! Anthropologie has never been my fashion friend, I've sent out invitations etc haha, but no response....it LOVES the people around me tho.

    Have a fab day :)

  3. I love those lampshades. My lamps could use a little sprucing up...

  4. OH YES! Anthropologie is sooo lovely. Only a few days ago I found a store called Ruche. It's a lot like Anthropologie, but completely affordable. Have you heard of it?


  5. How cute is it that Nickolas bought me the floral lampshade 2nd to the bottom for Christmas...without anyone's help...He just went to Anthro and that's what he picked out for me!?!