Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Xoxo... Baubles


Affordable Baubles

All $75 and under! 1. Talbots / 2. F21 / 3. Rachael Roy / 4. White House Black Market / 5. Tinley Road

With the return of Gossip Girl this week came the return of my obsession with chunky, statement baubles! Seriously I don't even notice the story lines anymore... it is all about their fabulous over the top goodness that hang from their necks! A few favorites this year come from Gemma Redux, Swarovski and a more affordable option Rich Rocks. I seriously want to pile as many on as I can... I cant get enough. There is the option of diy a sparkly bauble but sometimes it ends up costing an arm and a leg for all of the materials unless you have old necklaces in need of a face lift... which maybe I will just stick to F21!


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  2. sorry for the accidental delete! Love this comparison. Love the blog! I'm your newest follower. xo

  3. On yes - love them all! But especially like that Tinley Road necklace - gorgeous.

  4. Oh no! I REALLY like #2 of the first set! But it seems like something I've seen at J.Crew ... Or maybe a DIY project?

    Great post!

  5. Ok- is it bad that I want every single one?! So, so gorgeous! Fabulous picks! xoxo, Annemarie

  6. That first necklace is gorge! I love some clunk around the neck!!


  7. ..yum yum ..those necklaces looks gorgeous , I like all from first collage ..

  8. Um sister, we could make nearly all of these!!! Time to get out your pliers, beads, and a boat load of chain!!! If I am feeling better, Sunday's DIY post will be right up your alley.

  9. These are all pretty!:D

    I want the Swarovski!

    ***** Marie *****