Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Friendship is Forever...

The friendship bracelet trend is still in full force for the upcoming months... and seriously there cant be an easier diy trend - I mean we have all spent hours perfecting our braided threading at one point or another during our childhood... right?? Well Honestly...WTF put a grown-up spin on this playground classic with inspirations from Aurelie Bidermann... seriously this diy project is simple enough even the crafting impaired can conquer this one!

I am going to be on the lookout for a similar bracelet and even a necklace (don't you think this would be a fab summer accessory) at Forever 21 (or more appropriately Forever 28!) for a cheaper version...

Check out the full tutorial here!


  1. OMG - saw this today and am SO obsessed with it! can't wait to do it... i'm thinking navy & white, obvs!

    xx grace

  2. OMG I love it! I think I may be the one person that does NOT have enough talent to make such an item. I seriously adore it though!

  3. Oh a necklace like this would be fantastic, and perfect for spring! Love the colors.

  4. I love this! Now where to get the gold part? LOVE

  5. That's really cute!


  6. that is such a gorgeous friendship bracelet - looks like a rainbow! thanks for the DIY!!

  7. ohh so cute!
    I want one!
    cool blog!

  8. This is soooo cute! I saw a similar diy project in InStyle mag. But the end result was fringe on the necklace.
    I, too am loving this weather!!! But I've been stuck at work (12 hr shifts) for the last two days. I'm off now for four days and I can't wait to enjoy all this sunshine!
    Btw, I lived in SD right after high school and I love it there! Sometimes I wish I never moved back to Pasadena, but then I would have never met the hubbs.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog! Come and visit me again soon and I will do the same and follow you. Whew. This was a long comment.


  9. this is awesome! i'm definitely going to try it once i spot a similar bracelet!

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  11. This is pretty cute, might try this...:D

    ***** Marie *****