Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Finds... Designer Dreams Edition!

Get here! One day you will be mine!
Get here! Carrie's something blue...
Get here! Classics... never goes out of style.
Get here! It's not a bag... It's a f-ing Birkin!
Get here! I don't know why but aren't lipsticks more fun when adorned with these labels??
Get here! Hello... Lover!

Typically with my Friday Finds I pick items from different Etsy shops; however, when I came across this shop there was no way I could only choose one item! Seriously Emmakisstina's shop is full of amazing goodness! A majority of the drawings are of items on my dream list (hello Chanel 2.55 - I am talking to you!)... so until my budget is able to find means to pay for these luxuries... pretty illustrations will have to do...

Check out Kristina's shop... and drool with me!


  1. Her shop truly is full of goodness, I am dying over the shoes and purse!! Awwww! Now if only I could afford the real shoes, have a great weekend love!

  2. so cute! these pictures are adorable. your blog is amazing

    xx elle

  3. ooh! these are amazing! love!
    happy weekend!

  4. Oh wow I love these prints as well!!

  5. yes yes yes! i'll take one of each, please!


  6. These are DREAMMMMMM items!!! I want them sooo much!

  7. soooooo cutee!!!!

    thanks for your comments


  8. She is just the best, love her work so much!