Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend Fun...

She said 'yes to the dress'!
P and her designs
Z and my creations
Just the three of us...

I had a fabulous weekend. I enjoyed a quiet Friday night... and woke up early Saturday morning and ventured up to Orange County to be a wedding dress critique for one of my oldest and dearest friends who is scheduled to get married at the end of October. There wasn't much critiquing going on as every dress looked gorgeous on her... seriously no matter the style she looked like a true bride. The trip was successful as she said 'yes to the dress' - oh and best part after you purchase a wedding dress - they pop a bottle of bubbly to celebrate!

On Sunday we went over to the boy toy's brother's house as his parents were down from Ventura to celebrate a belated birthday for him and his niece Z. I LOVE spending time with the boy toy's nieces... they bring me back to when I was their age... it is the perfect excuse to play with dolls or get messy with some sort of arts and crafts. Yesterday afternoon was spent channeling our inner fashionistas - we created different outfits using stencils and colored stationary... These girls are so creative and definitely have a keen fashion sense for their age... it was so neat to see the different patterns and colors they paired together. Seriously would not have wanted to spend my Sunday afternoon any other way :-)

To end the weekend we went out with my family to celebrate the boy toy's 29th year of life... at his favorite Italian restaurant... the evening was spent with delish food, mucho vino and great company.


  1. Fun weekend!! For all the times I've been a bridesmaid I have never witnessed a bottle of bubbly popped for the blessed decision. I.have.been.robbed!!


  2. Oh how awesome! That is exciting that she choose a dress! and how fun that you got to be a part of it!


  3. Happy Birthday to your boy. :)
    And how fabulous that they serve champagne after purchasing the dress! My dress purchase was so business-like, I said "ok I'll take it" and they said "Visa or Mastercard?" Haha!