Thursday, March 18, 2010

Target = LOVE!

Target has done it again... stolen my heart away with their collaboration with guest designers for affordable prices! Their latest lovely is guest designer , Liberty of London... which is amazing! I haven't had a chance to go to Target and check it out yet - I know... what is wrong with me I usually frequent Target at least twice a week!

Liberty of London for Target includes everything from women's clothing... to men's clothing... to bicycles... home decor... furniture - pretty much you name it and they brought it to Target. I am currently obsessed with many items... one specifically includes the colorful beach cruisers! They are to die for... I am thinking of trading in my old trusty bike from my college days in Santa Barbara for a bright and shiny Liberty for London ride! I also adore all of their prints for their home decor collection...

So... you can tell I am pretty much obsessed and plan to make a trip to Target tomorrow to see what goodies I can snatch up before it's all gone!


  1. those prints are amazing! I will be picking up some of those bowls for sure

  2. I love this too! Sadly, living in NYC we don't have a target nearby, and all the good stuff sold out online. So bummed :(


  3. that is some goodness right there!

  4. i was lucky enough to score the exquisite paisely bedding...and am eagerly awaiting its arrival :)

    the teacups and trays and tumblers are equally fantastic. i hope you find a few you love.

    sylvie of silver lining

    ps: thanks for your comment, i'm looking forward to reading your daily adventures too :)

  5. I hope you made it to the store! Some of the pieces are just too cute to pass up. I couldn't help but buy a mug when I was there the other day.

  6. Thanks for stopping by and following us! I haven't made it to Target yet...but I can't wait to go and check it all out!