Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Bow Debate...

Zara 2010

Marc Jacobs 2010

Marc Jacobs 2010

Temperley 2010

Diane Von Furstenburg 2010

Dylan and I rocking 80's gear at a party last summer... I guess my bow is 'what NOT to wear' :-)

I have seen countless articles and websites this season mentioning the trend of over sized bows in the hair of models on the runways - Marc Jacobs, Luella, DVF... just to name a few. They have also been popping up at the more mainstream affordable retail shops such as Forever 21. It has taken me a few months to come around to this trend (which means it is probably on its way out)... to me the over sized bow belonged at a retro 80's party - but the more and more that I encounter these little lovelys I am starting to become quite smitten... they add a sort of fun, playfulness to any outfit - but clearly us mere mortals would of course have to tone down the trend a bit to avoid from resurrecting Madonna in her Material Girl era...

Another thing to remember when attempting to rock this style - unless you are of the age to that is still swinging on the monkey bars... I would say definitely avoid anything too 'cute' - I don't think that is what this trend is going for... I think the trick is to add a bow to an already edgy outfit...

What are your thoughts on the over sized bows popping up seemingly everywhere??


  1. I can't help it... I'm pro bow!

  2. i love them! :)

  3. i like the big bows on the catwalk, certainly looks fun. but for everyday life, i like the dainty bows.

    Just letting you know as well that i'm hosting a giveaway at my blog at the moment, and would love for you to enter!