Monday, March 15, 2010


My Football Mums in my new vase from Anthro from my Momma - Thanks Mom!

My weekend was great! Saturday Dylan and I tackled our office and hallway storage... my life definitely feels much more in order and I am feeling like myself again :-) I made labels for all of our shelves (yep... I am that crazy!) and everything has its own home! The last step in this decluttering project is the desk! I am excited to scour consignment shops downtown while Dylan is in Australia. He leaves in about a week... and even closer than that he leaves this Wednesday for Cabo for a bachelor party through Sunday... so I am planning some girl time of my own :-)

The sun is shining and should remain shining for the next few days! I ventured into the 90 degree heat in downtown LA - and scoured the streets of the Fashion/Garment Districts... one of my new favorite hobbies! I definitely feel super dirty by the end of my day... but it is well worth it because of the great finds! I am so excited to get to work tomorrow with all of the new goodies I found! Stay tuned...

Another reason why I love Downtown Los Angeles is for the Flower Market! I always have to roam these blocks and take in the lovely flowers and enjoy the delightful scents that fill the streets. I am never able to leave empty handed... always come home with at least one bunch. You can find the freshest of flowers for great prices. I picked up a bunch of white Football Mums (just found out their names!) and have divided them up into three different vases around the house... doesn't life just seem so much better with fresh cut flowers?? I took a picture of the bunch on my coffee table in the new vase that my Mom got me from Anthropologie... I love it!


  1. Ya know - 10 years in LA and I never made it to the flower market! Don't you have to get up super early? Yay mom for the vase - nice!

    P.S. I'm giving away a pretty today on my blog :) xo