Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Flipping Out!

Elizabeth's 'fancy pants' flip flops... a dark gray with black sequins applique...Elizabeth's pretty purps... the colors are even more vibrant in person...
Metallic pair... combo of gold/silver/bronze... lovely!
Navy blue with a midnight blue sequins applique and a vintage inspired pearl...

My friend Elizabeth is venturing off to sunny Florida (or at least she hopes!) this weekend and requested a Moosette accessory... we thought that a new pair of flip flops (or slippers if you are from Hawaii) would be the perfect addition to her spring dresses! I made a few extra and will be posting them on Etsy tomorrow. I can't wait to wear these little beauties in the next few weeks... if it ever warms up around here... actually living in Southern California we are pretty spoiled since we can pretty much wear flip flops year around :-)

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