Thursday, March 11, 2010


This would be perfect for all of my ribbons!
Love how bright and airy this one feels...
The white makes this area feel so clean...
This one feels very practical...
This may work best... has the vintage feel that I want with functionality - Sold!

Dylan's Mom came down today with a couple of shelving units (and took me to a lovely lunch on the water!) that she was going to get rid of until I saved the little guys! I was so excited when I saw them - they were exactly what i was looking for for our second bedroom/office. If you can believe it we have had piles of books in a corner for almost two years! I know... I am turning a little red in the face just thinking about it! So not like my type A personality. I have sort of turned a blind eye to the office... until I actually began working from it full time!

I started going through our cluttered little room and throwing things away and making a 'give to Goodwill' pile. I soon realized that our desk is WAY to large for our tiny room... especially with the new shelving units! I mean don't get me wrong the desk is very functional as it has many little nooks and crannies where I am able to store my materials - but I am thinking that a tiny, simple desk would be the best option with shelving above for my materials! My office is just way too cramped! Now it is in my head and it must be done! I want sort of a vintage feel... no modern furniture for me... I am thinking I may be able to find just what I am looking for at a consignment shop... so stay tuned... that is if I can twist Dylan's arm in allowing me to do a make-over :-)

I have attached a few pics (don't you just love them??) that I found browsing around at other people's work spaces - these will be my inspiration for my new spot! I am not posting pics of my current... because like I said I may get a little too red in the face with the clutter... so unlike the rest of our home!

Ps... I got my hair done today (thankfully!) and my head bands have been selling well in there in the past month and they even want more!

Pics: Belle Maison, Coast Living, Simple Living


  1. i love the 2nd work's bright and airy and definitely a good place to be. i hope you find something suitable for your office soon, good luck!

  2. I love the red and turquoise one! So pretty! of course they are all so pretty though. Great picks!

  3. My boyfriend and I are renovating his house in hopes that I move in eventually. This post reminds me that I really need to create a little craft nook somewhere!