Monday, March 22, 2010

Springtime how I love thee...

Lilac Shower Shift Dress - $69.50!
Stapless Chambray Wild Rose Dress - $98.00
Degrade Seraphina - $450.00 - a girl can dream can't she??
Seraphina Dress - on sale for $199.99

In celebration of the turn of another season this past weekend I figured it was best to post a few of my favorite flowy dresses most appropriate for spring. Can you tell that I have been browsing the J Crew website - one of my favorites! Every time I walk into a J Crew or browse the catalog I am filled with envy of all the beautiful clothing and accessories! Their pieces are always timeless... much like good ol' Banana Republic.

Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend - I had a fabulous weekend spent with many friends... and Dylan ended up coming home a couple days early from Cabo which was a wonderful surprise :-)

Enjoy the lovelys above :-)
pics: J Crew


  1. can i please have that 2nd adorable.

    thanks for the comments luver.

  2. Cate Baker WilcoxApril 9, 2010 at 12:19 PM

    Hey Tanya..this is your old best friend...Katy from Tampa!! I found your page! Love your stuff and would love to be in contact with you!!