Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Life's a Rainbow...

Pop O Color

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

So... I have officially been a very bad blogger lately. After we got back from NYC and I reveled in the idea of being a bride I jumped full force into wedding planning (we decided on an October wedding of this year). While the wedding has somehow already taken over all of my thoughts I have neglected my happy place... this blog and all of my fav daily reads! That stops here!

One of my favorite things about spring is retiring my boring black and tan handbags for a little pop of color every once in a while. I mean who doesn't enjoy throwing a bright and unexpected party over their shoulder?? I for one am ready to bring on the color!


  1. No worries my dear. Congrats on picking a date! I hope you get the Proenza aka #5 for a shower gift. In fact I hope you get two, have a giveaway, and I win the other. A girl can dream.


  2. yay! you're back! That Rebecca Minkoff bag is amazing!
    xx Grace

  3. i have been such a bad blogger lately, too! school and work have me spinning, but i need to get back into the swing of things!

    those purses are to die for, love the purple one!

  4. Yay for picking a date!:D

    The cold weather is making a lot of bloggers lazy too, it's normal.;D

    I want bag #1 and #5!

    ***** Marie *****

  5. OMGGGG, love this purse rainbow! I think my favorite is the Kate Spade tho, great purse. I love the stripe inner lining :) Cute post!