Monday, February 28, 2011

Blazer Love...


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One of my favorite ways to cover up on chilly nights is to throw on a blazer... I am oh so happy that this trend isn't going anywhere this spring. A classic blazer thrown over dress or skirt equals pretty much perfection in my book!

Oh and a little hint - my favorite go-to black blazer is actually just an old Calvin Klein suit jacket (that I hadn't worn in years) - I rolled up the sleeves a couple of times and voila had my new fav staple piece without even opening my wallet!


  1. loving the striped one (of course!)
    i wore a blazer out tonight instead of a winter coat... amazing as new york is so cold in the winter!

  2. I love the striped one!!! And I love reinventing clothes that are already in the closet!!

  3. Totally agreed -- blazers are so effortlessly chic!

  4. That Alice + Olivia blazer is amazing! Of course it's sold out. Love them all!

  5. Blazers are fun!:D Loving #s 3 and 4.

    ***** Marie *****

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