Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Twinkle Toes...

Although I hung up my ballerina slippers many moons ago - I am still constantly searching for the perfect ballerina flat. Not always the easiest of tasks... It wasn't until recently when I learned about a designer - Bloch - typically known for their traditional ballet and pointe shoes (for actual ballerinas). Bloch has been hand-crafting shoes for dancers for seventy-five plus years and it wasn't until the recent years that they created a line for street wanna-bes like me! That's right - can you imagine how comfortable these suckers must be - not only that they come in an array of drool worthy styles and colors - a must have in my book! Even the infamous Anna Wintour has been quoted many a times saying that Bloch ballerina flats are a must have - that is some advice I will gladly accept!

pics: Bloch

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  1. So cute, love the first pair! Just wish they listed prices on their website...