Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Boise Lovin'...

Sorry about not writing yesterday - after a whirlwind of a weekend I needed a day to decompress :-) I had a wonderful weekend in the land of potatoes! To be honest I wasn't expecting much from Boise - but boy was I wrong! Can I just say that I fell in love with the quaint, little town... seriously! I have never encountered such friendly people in my life! And the downtown area were some of the cleanest streets that I have ever walked on. The wedding was beautiful and the bride and groom couldn't be more perfect for each other... two of the most genuine, lovely people I have ever met - everything from the ceremony at a gorgeous church and the reception at the stadium - yep you heard me correctly... the reception was in the sky box with floor to ceiling windows overlooking downtown Boise, beautiful mountains and the coolest part - the blue football field which was obviously very fitting since the groom played football and the bride played soccer at Boise State! Seriously - it couldn't have been more perfect!

All and all it was a fabulous weekend spent with good peeps, fabulous setting and of course lots and lots of vino :-)

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  1. hi :D

    awww I know what you mean sometimes life moves to fast that you need to stop to catch your breathe. same here.

    how cool! makes me want to visit!