Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Helloooo Lover...

We are finally one day away from the opening of SATC2! In tribute to my favorite leading lady... and of course dear friend (don't judge!)... I have put together some of Carrie's most memorable looks from the series - seriously I can't get enough of her over the top fashion! There is no one else that can wear an array of different patterns and trends all at once and still look so put-together and stylish! Her eclectic style is a constant reminder to have fun and be confident with what you wear - you don't always have to be by the book to be fabulous!

Today is actually my friend, Camille's birthday (shout out!)... and in celebration of her day she is having a SATC2 party this Saturday! All the girls are meeting at her house for a cocktail (or three!) and then having a driver pick everyone up and off to the movies! Of course she has requested that everyone dress to the nines in your most fabulous of fabulous cocktail attire... and she has a pretty number picked out for herself as well - she will be rocking the famous tutu from the opening credits of the series! She found one that is a dead on replica! I am making her an over the top 'Carrie' inspired brooch - she will be too cute for words! I will share pics of the cosmo-packed evening next week!

I think I figured out what I am doing this evening while the boyfriend is away - popping in a SATC DVD... maybe I should start with season one (don't worry I have them all!) and go from there! Yes - sounds like the perfect night!


  1. Love all these Carrie pictures! I can't wait to see the movie!

  2. When she looks at the shoes in the window "hellooooo lover!!!" I love that scene! You're encouraging me to get several ladies together to see the movie. Perhaps I should indeed!

  3. I hear the movie is a total bust, but i don't care, i'm still seeing it... Will be curious to hear if you like it!