Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fiesta, Fiesta!

Happy Cinco de Mayo Amigos and Amigas! We all know the background of this festive holiday; however, many of us use it as an excuse to flash insanely bright colors, throw back the unneeded tequila shot, eat greasy, but delicious Mexican food and of course dance around in an over-sized sombrero :-) Gosh I love holidays... big or small!

One of my favorite brands, Theme, always have a number of fiesta inspired clothing - didn't disappoint. Theme is a line based in Los Angeles - launched their first line in 2007 - love them! Lucky for me it is carried in one of my favorite, local boutiques! Me and the main squeeze are planning on going out to get some festive cocktails and of course yummy tacos - I will be sporting one of their dresses that I bought last year... but here are a couple of my other favorites from their spring line!


  1. ..beautiful items favorite is the orange tunica and the skirt ..really beautiful - perfect for summer ..

  2. Perfect Cinco de Mayo outfits! :-)

    <33 Alex

  3. The orange dress is kind of amazing!