Thursday, July 8, 2010

In Holland's Shoes...

Stuart Weitzman


Steve Madden

Kors Michael Kors

I am sure you are all fully aware that Holland's favorite choice of footwear has made a come back for 2010. Chanel first sent them down the runway with their spring collection - and it seems it created a buzz ever since. I have yet to jump on this clog train - but I am beginning to reconsider...

What is your take on the clog frenzy??

pics: Zappos


  1. Loooooove the Michael Kors pretties!

  2. I think they are positively adorable. But man, one wrong step and that twisted ankle will be a dooooozy.

    Yay to the DVF's!

  3. I love the maddens, I feel like the peep toe keeps them very contemporary.
    If they go down to $30 I'll scoop them up!