Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Spooktacular Recap...

So I got home from Puerto Rico just in time to partake in my favorite holiday... Halloween! In my personal opinion there is nothing better than a holiday that requires everyone to dress up... anyone that knows me knows that I love any party with a theme... also I went to school in Santa Barbara which boosts the largest college Halloween festivities in the country - seriously look it up! Anyways getting home just in time for Saturday's festivities meant I didn't leave much time for figuring out a costume... I made a trip down to the thrift shop to see what I could come up with... I am totally against spending $50 on a costume - not to mention that buying a bagged costume at a Halloween store almost automatically guarantees you that you will run into your twin on the street...

So... I decided I would be a flapper... in my 28 years of dressing up... I surprisingly have never been a flapper... grabbed a black slip at the thrift shop for $2 and made my way to the fabric store... quick stop at Michael's for a boa and then came home and got to work - made my finishing touches just in time for my friend's party!


  1. Fabulous Dress! :)
    It's perfect!

  2. LOVE your costume... so creative, it came out great!


  3. Fab dress, great DIY project!:D

    ***** Marie *****