Thursday, September 30, 2010

Singin in the Rain...

  1. Barney's $125
  2. Walmart $24
  3. Moschino $75
  4. Asos $34
  5. Old Navy $8
  6. Mod cloth $34

We have had some crazy weather for the last few days of September! The beginning of the week we had record highs... which I am not complaining considering the sun is hard to come by these days! And this morning I woke up to tropical weather that made me feel like I was in Florida... and to top it off we have had off and on showers accompanied by thunder storms! Heaven!

I like to think of the rain as an excuse for an extra accessory... the umbrella - no reason to have boring black or navy blue... well unless you are caught in a storm and buy one on the street for less than $5! But add some sparkle to an otherwise dreary day...


  1. #2 or #5! OR #4 ha I really like #5 bright and pretty and would bring cheeryness to a gloomy day!