Thursday, January 28, 2010

Productive Thursday!

The salon in Solana Beach, Vanity, where I sold some of my hair accessories today... Check them out if you are on 101

One of the stylists, Janea, sporting the headband she purchased

One of the stylists, Courtney, with the clip that she purchased

Thank you to everyone for the words of encouragement with regards to my new blog :-) It makes it so much more fun when I know there may be a couple of peeps tuning in!

Today was a productive day. I was invited in to showcase my creations at a salon in Solana Beach, Vanity. They don't have a website or I would link you to them. If you don't have a salon or stylist that you are fully committed to I suggest you check it out - everyone that works there is extremely talented. I have been getting my hair done here by Amber since they opened... the place is amazing! You totally feel at home right when you walk through the beautifully hand-crafted doors. The place is decorated with an eclectic-Asian inspired theme. They always have coffee house tunes playing as background noise just below the chattering of people and blow-dryers. The best part about the place is probably the fact that they serve vino and beer ;-) I think this is the part that sold my boyfriend, Dylan, on it!

Anyways... I got a very positive response with my head bands and clips. It is always so nerve racking to me to show people my accessories for the first time... I know I should be more confident but it is always difficult when you handmake an item - you obviously put thought and effort into each thing so you want everyone to like them as much as you do. The salon purchased a few of each... and even a couple of the stylists bought a couple things as well as a client that was in getting her hair done! So I obviously left the salon with a good feeling inside...

I also gained a few more contacts to boutiques in the San Diego area thanks to my good friend, Krystal! Hopefully those will unfold into sales as well... I will keep you posted!


  1. Tanya, I am so proud of you and everyone loved your stuff!!!!Its all super cute...its going to do great:) Welcome to Vanity!

  2. Thanks Buhdoop! I should have my etsy site updated this week :-)